We are commited!

The values of the Christan philosophy of life are in the foreground of everything we do. We make the effort to be gentle with all resources and to do our part to achieve a functioning society.

For this reason we involve ourselves on social and ecological projects, support our employees with their career development and ensure a well-founded apprenticeship for young people in the hotel and catering industry.

And this every day with enthusiasm!

NCL Stiftung

The NCL foundation supports scientific research.
We support the foundation every year with "Cooking for Kids".

Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg

The partnership for the environment in Hamburg is an institution to further companies voluntary engagement in environmental protection.


Where ever feasible we try to use fair trade products, with the support of GEPA and Darboven.


Our engagement for in-house day care, amongst other things, helped in getting us this award.

Green Globe

The "Green Globe" is an internationally recognized certificate for sustainability and renewability. It is being renewed every two years.

Gut Karlshöhe

The politically independent foundation aims to bring an appreciation for nature to the people of Hamburg and provide them with practical solutions for climate protection.

Hinz & Kunzt

The Hamburg street magazine supports the homeless. We support this institution, for example with our sponsoring of the annual christmas banquet for the homeless.


CityKids Hamburg ist der Träger unseres Betriebskindergartens.

Jugend hilft Jugend e.V.

The Society "Youth Helps Youth" exists since 1970 in the Free City of Hamburg. As carrier of addiction- and youth work it runs a socio-therapeutic help system designed to aid addicted youngsters with targeted and qualified support. We managed to offer various young people an oppurtunity for re-entry into the work force with a job at one of our facilities

Stiftung Kinderjahre

The foundation wants to achive equal oppurtunity for all children. The project "Learning Kids" is a chance for us to support this.

Lebenshilfe Hamburg

The "Lebenshilfe" for the mentally challenged was founded in 1960 by parents of children with mental disabilities as a self help society. We support them through various sponsorships.

VCH Akademie

The christioan academy is a charitable thonk tank and institution for continued education, run by the association of christioan hotels (VCH). Their subjects include: Values, ethics in business, study trips, further education, bible basics, culture and concerts. For their events in Hamburg, we provide the venues.


Servicequalität Deutschland

We're part of it since 2013, and we are systematically improoving our service quality and are self-obliged to impement various measures to this end.

Private City Hotels

Holiday fun, as individual as our guests themselves: PrivateCityHotels promise unforgettable experiences in unique, successfully privately managed hotels in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zurich, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Collogne, Bonn, Ingolstadt and Freiburg.



Especially to our customers from the pharma industries, this certificate, which stands for fair value for money, is very important.

Die Hamburger Klimaschutzstiftung

Carrier of Karlshöhe Manor, where we run the gastronomy.

Der Hafen Hilft

Simply a great idea, that can be supported in many ways - We do it with occasional donations and know how.

Museumshafen Oevelgönne

Next to our restaurant ship, the museum port Övelgönne harbours many historic ships, all of which are still seaworthy.

FC St. Pauli

The local football club moves us too! With our membership we support the youth engagement of the club.
The initiative "Viva Con Aqua" also emerged from within the football club. Their water is being served in our restaurants, supporting the construction of wells in the world's poorest regions.